Life in Ky

A spur-of-the-moment house purchase led me back to my home town in northern Victoria. Three years on and life has settled into a quiet rhythm. 

Here in Ky, the sky is bigger and the air fresher. Birds and wildlife are abundant. Traffic is non-existent, but I can walk most places I need to go anyway.  I love the hot summers—especially the smells of morning and the gum trees heating up under a scorching sun. But the winters are brutal, and I have the gas bills to prove it.

Slowing down has given me time to get involved in some community activities. I’m the volunteer curator of the Community Gallery at the Kyabram Town Hall.  And I had a crazy idea about running a community arts project: Art for Everyone.  It’s running until 31 December 2017, so if you’re an Instagrammer, you have to get involved!

I also organise a meditation group that meets weekly at the local community centre. 

I’m still running my digital content consultancy. Training is now my main focus since it involves less travel than project work.